Technical Online Discussion Forum Project

The Technical Online Discussion Forum Project(TDS) in PHP is a discussion forum that gives information about various programming languages, general knowledge related questions, information related to,,Php,Os related questions ,etc. Online Discussion Forum Overview: This forum is useful for the beginners to get information related to various topics. There is a centralized database in which(…)

Online Mobile Store Project in PHP

Project  titled Online mobile store project is a PHP based project which has all features of existing online mobile shopping websites.  This application is developed as education project for computer science and MCA students. Mobile shop application will give detailed explanation about project design, PHP source code and SQL database details. Project Overview: With the(…)

Tours and Travels Management System Project Report

    Tours and Travels Management System Project ( in Asp.Net ) is a Website which is developed based on real life. It is very helpful in business applications. Today’s extremely exhausting work environment dictates that individuals requires some joyful holiday. The website will provides a stress-free joyful refreshing holidays with cost competitive and customized packages(…)

Employee Motivation Latest MBA Project Report

Employee Motivation project was undertaken to find out what motivated employees the most and how it was correlated to their respective age and experience. For this purpose a questionnaire was formulated and administered to the employees. The results will help the management in knowing what motivated employees the most so that they can concentrate on(…)

Friends Adda A Social Networking Site Project in Asp.Net

Friends Adda A Social Networking site project is a simple application which has basic features that we see in social networking sites like sending requests, uploading photos,photo gallery.                   What Social Networking Site Project will do?          Registration of the User A registered user can only able to access the site. An unregistered user won’t(…)

E Auction Project in Asp.Net

E Auction Project or Online Auction System is a web based e commerce website which is developed in Programming language. This application provides solution for selling and buying products through online using bidding process. E Auction Project Objective: OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT Main objectives of e auction project are explained below. E auction project(…)

Financial Planning Project

Financial Planning project is a based management software developed to manage expenses of organization and give brief overview on current income, expenditure, estimated assets and liabilities. Financial Planning Project Modules: The different functions in Financial Planning are as follows: 1.       Registration a.       User User gets registered by Administrator and User is termed as RM(…)

Contrivance Planning Management System Project

Project Titled  contrivance Planning Management system is developed to explain about skill requirement that are needed to create opportunities and to get ready for new conditions. This application provides solution for users to learn different upcoming subjects by participating in live discussions with employees and teachers who are experts in that area and gain knowledge(…)

Student Average Calculator Mini Project

Student average calculator project is a simple visual basic ( ) application which is useful for students who  are looking for practice project or mini project. This application is used to calculate average of four subjects. Students can understand basics of visual basic programming and understand how to design simple forms and develop simple(…)

Production Management System Project

Production management system project is useful for manufacturing companies for managing communication between dealers, company, users and suppliers. Java is the programming language used to develop this application. Main objective is to manage all works that are carried out in manufacturing company through a web based application. Project Introduction: Manufacturing company will manufacture products based on(…)