LT Electricity Billing Project in Java

L T Electricity Billing Project in Java has been developed to computerize the billing system of KSEB where all dealing was done manually earlier.  Now a day’s computerization is spreading with great speed.  Many organizations are being computerized and are surely enjoying the benefits of computerization.              Earlier one person was gone to collect the meter(…)

Jewellery Management Project In ASP.Net

Jewellery Management Project In ASP.Net is a web based application which is developed for jewelry shop for managing customers, products and stock details. Using this software manager can get overview on monthly and yearly sales with customer details and billing details.  Future Enhancement This system is developed such a way that additional enhancement can be(…)

School Management Software Project in Asp.Net

The purpose of School Management Software Project  in Asp.Net is to describe the whole education system online. It describes the easily interface between student and school. Parent can also get notified about their child’s performance.   Students will get SMS instantly about new events in this system.   Students can give online exam and the result will provided(…)

File Transfer Project in Java

File transfer project in java is developed for BSNL company for sharing information between exchanges where this application will work on listening mode clients can send messages to other clients and receive acknowledgement.  File Transfer Project Installation Details: CHECKLIST TO INSTALL THE SOFTWARE IN THE CLIENT SYSTEMS  1. Check whether the Software folder ‘FTP’ is(…)

Java Client Provisioning Project

The client provisioning specification is designed to function as a non-intruding part of any J2EE compliant server. A provisioning server handles any request from client devices. When a request is received the provisioning server would check with the repository of applications registered with it and provide access to the application if it is available. Though(…)

MA English Project on Tools for Teaching and Learning

The purpose of MA English Project on Tools for Teaching and Learning study was to investigate how teachers of English and History perceive educational materials and how they relate these to their teaching and pupils’ learning. Our conclusion is based on an interpretation of the results from both surveys and interviews, with support from relevant literature(…)

Classified Project in Asp.Net

In simple words, Classified Project (in Asp.Net ) is a one stop site for all your jobs/classified needs. If you are looking for a job, our Job Board will be very useful piece of information as the jobs are updated by recruiters/companies and us on a day to day basis. If you would like to rent(…)

E Commerce Website Project Using Asp.Net

In our E commerce website project ( in Asp.Net ) we have three actors (Customer, Vendor and Admin) every one used or manage the website with different way functional. And we have these pages: Vendor Registration, Login Vendor, Add/Update Category, Add/Update Product, Add Gallery, Customer Registration, Login Customer, View Product details, Search, Shopping Basket, Special(…)

Resilient Identity Crime Detection Project in Vb.Net

Resilient Identity Crime Detection Project in Vb.Net is useful for security agencies for detecting criminals on locations using image processing techniques.  Resilient Identity Crime Detection Project  Module Description:                  In the first phase, maximum numbers of face images are obtained either, as live images from CCD Camera, Web camera, Camcorder etc., or as stored images(…)

Face Identification Project

             The aim of the project is “Face Identification project of a Crime by Witness information using Image Processing Techniques”. The agencies like a police department, CBI and other private detective companies get the preliminary information about the suspect from the witness present at the crime scene along with other(…)