Hospital Management System Project in Visual Basic

 Main objective of hospital management system project in is to keep track of Hospital Management . Forthcoming automated system should maintain information of patient and staff member.   b)     This new system will keep track of document submitted by the patients and all his details like date of admission, date of discharge and about his(…)

Mail Server Project in JSP

Mail Server Project in JSP  handles all the jobs related to mails. The man-hours involved for transferring data can be reduced within an organization by using this mail facility. By entering the id and password the user or administrator can directly look into the information regarding mails. Hence, the security is maintained in the proposed system. (…)

Multi Chat Room Application in Java

Multi Chat Room Application in Java is a  TCP socket communication ( Networking )  related project where users can create up to 20 chat rooms and invite friends to join rooms.  Chat Room Application Advantages: This Project entitled as Multiroom Chat has many advanced features, which are listed as follows: The system is done in(…)

Chat Room Project in Java

The Chat Room Project in Java deals with getting the IP address of the server to which the user wants to chat and its port number. Once the server is configured, the user can chat to any client by selecting them before sending the message. To support the process of group chat, this project allows the(…)

Digital Steganography Project

Digital Steganography Project overcomes this factor and it gives a solution for transmitting secret formation with out affecting unintended users. Stegano graphy uses multimedia data as a covering medium (Covering secret information). By using stegano graphy data (secret information) can hided with in data (multimedia data, here multimedia data is an image) and it can be(…)

Image Steganography Project

 Image Steganography Project in java is security related application developed to send secured information from source to destination using a image file. This application use encryption and decryption method to secure content. Need Of Proposed System The previously had many drawbacks such as more manual processing of data which resulted in a time consuming process.(…)

Chemical Organization Management System Project Abstract

The “ Chemical Organization Management System Project ” is developed for daily Manufacturers, Traders. It provides complete control over a chemical company data as well as on the concern things related to the business as well as to the selling department. The company owner can maintain the data of the manufacturing of any item to its unit.(…)

Hotel Management System Project Report

 Hotel Management System Project Report covers detailed explanation about how to develop in java programming language. Project report consists of data flow diagram, screen shots, flow diagrams. Hotel Management System Project Statement of Scope: Booking:-      Customers come for an enquiry our system will give the updated status of the room, and it will help the(…)

Database Engine based on Relational Model Project in Java

Purpose: Development of a Database engine based on relational model that implements its own database storage format and supports  SQL statements. This document is intended to be used by the members of the project team that will implement and verify the correct functioning of the system.  Overview: The Database engine will be developed in Java.The(…)

Cyber Cafe Management System Project in java

As this is automated cyber cafe management system Project in Java it makes it very easy for administrator to search details. Also it time allotment is done very efficiently and it provides fast service in term of the bill calculation and time management. Which is  very advantageous to both administrator and user. Cyber Cafe Management System(…)