Police Crime Record Management System Project

Police crime record management system project is developed based on distributed database architecture in Asp.Net using centralized MSSQL Server database. This application modules are explained below. Number of Modules: The system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following modules. 1.      Police station registration module. 2.      Victims FIR registration module. 3.     (…)

Enrolling Migrant Workers Management System Project

The main objective of Enrolling Migrant Workers Management System project is enrolling migrant workers(who are going to  United States and United kingdom) in various Insurance schemes, personal accident coverages, pension schemes and other areas through  online.             The main motto of this website is to cultivate   easiness for client to perform his task Justification and need(…)

Planning and Tracking System Project

Commn Tracker a Planning and tracking system project in Asp.Net is a web application which is a business application provides solution for companies to automate different operations which are carried manually.  In this application smart search facility with centralized database is used. In this project we use internal and extarnal entities with dynamic flow between them.(…)

Customer Support Services Project

Customer support service project ( in Asp.Net ) is developed for distribution company which is a electronics company . This application is useful for company to handle customer support for users like installation help, testing help, component testing, heat sensing..etc. Project Implementation Overview: The system in a flash of second can provide all the different(…)

Drug Management System Project in Asp.Net

Drug Management System Project or Audition & Research Management is a system that practically concentrates on the associative standards of the Medical diagnosis and Research Developments environments. The new Bio molecular combination should have the ability in training its roots towards the ailment that exists in the body and fight against that ailment. In the initial(…)

Asp.Net Mini Project on Production Planning System

Production Planning system project ( in Asp.Net )  is internet based application which is useful for establishing communication between sales team and production team for conducting sales transactions. Production Planning System Modules Overview: Administrator Production manager Sales Manager Administration Module: This module maintains the details of the employees, their concerned designations and associated departments details. It(…)