Virtual Desktop E learning Project

Virtual desktop E learning project  in java is a web based project which is designed to help students and to communicate from different location and share information. This application is useful for education purpose.  Main Modules of Virtual Desktop E learning Project:  Client (Student) Module: The Client side software module is used to prepare client side application(…)

Catalog Management System Project Synopsis

Catalog Management System Project is a java based application developed to computerize different types of works in multi level marketing companies. This application will act as medium between clients and administration for organization. Catalog Management System Project Modules :    REGISTRATION:          The module allows the new clients to enter their name, address, company’s name etc. and(…)

Budget Analysis Android Project

The purpose of this project is to give detail description of Budget Analysis Android Project . It will explain about analysis of budget. Overview Application allows to manage budget that include set budget & update budget as well as set budget limit & update budget limit. It manages daily expense as well as manage category of(…)

Online National Parks Of India Web Portal Project in HTML

The main objective of Online National Parks Of India Web portal Project is to provide information regarding various National Parks situated in India and animals residing in that national park and time and visiting season and map of that national park to tourist who wants to visit the national park. This project helps people who are interested(…)

Cloud Storage Project in Asp.Net

Project Description:  In this Cloud Storage Project in Asp.Net we can Upload our audio, video, documents, or contact and see the list of them. Also we can delete, and download these items. There is a communication box named as chat box. Different users can chat here.  User Manuel:     How to operate this program? Run this(…)

Time Tracker Billing and Invoice Management Project

Time Tracker Billing and Invoice Management Project is a web based java application. This project is specially developed for software companies for managing customers support in various areas.  Project Overview: Software companies require management software for managing works like time tracking, billing and invoice management. At present companies are working on manual system where details(…)

Remote Desktop Spying Project

Remote Desktop Spying Project  in asp.Net software package is designed to monitor the activities of any computer system in a local area network. In a local area network any system can be configured as a server or administrator system and through this administrator system one can view the active image which is displayed on the monitor(…)

Micro Controller Based Digital Code Lock ECE Mini Project

In this Micro Controller Based Digital Code Lock ECE Mini Project ,a Real Time Clock is used, which incorporates a 2-wire serial interface I2C protocol, which can be controlled using an 8051-compatible microcontroller.A real-time clock (RTC) is a battery-powered clock that is included in a microchip having a numerous capabilities. Clock calander shows detailed information based(…)