Gain Store Management System Project

Project Title : Giant Store Management system Project  is a web based application in This software will help to manage equipments in the store like inventory management.  Store Management System Project aim(s): Improve store management processes by control equipments in the store. Manage the Inventory Store in efficient and accurate way. Control and follow up(…)

A Distributed Topology Control For Share Trading Portal

Objective: A Distributed Topology Control For Share Trading Portal in java application is an online share trading portal where online share brokers company offering online share trading portal for stock exchanges. The key features include opening an account, transactional tracking, ratings and feedback system, content listing, referencing and matching. The database helped traders by showing them(…)

E-Social Library Project

Specific title: E-social library Project in Asp.Net using SQL database.  General title: keep your favourites books and keep up with friends. Project aims: Because of the Internet is rapidly transforming the production, distribution, and consumption of knowledge and information Anyone has an account can upload, download and buy books online. Providing our visitors with free accounts to use(…)

Customer Support Project

Customer Support Project is developed in  this application provides customers who subscribe in telecoms services with: a follow-up, services and responses to their inquiries.  Project aims: Our main aim is to get rid of huge amount of paper and complaints which could be lost easily or take a long time to solve. provides new services(…)

Health Care Management System Project

Health Care Management System Project  is a website that helps both the client, SPAs and owner’s health clubs as it provides them with many services.Now a day’s our earth should be pure, clean and healthy, the main objective of our site is caring about our health by increasing ways of treatment and preventing diseases and protect(…)