Furniture Shop Management System Android Project

Furniture Shop Management System Project is aimed at developing the system for the furniture shop owners who can “efficiently” manage the business. This project is aimed at providing the required information from the available data for the shop owners to make the informed decisions and utilize the constrained resources in the best possible ways.  Furniture Shop(…)

Cab Booking System Project in Android

                                 Mobile app based cab booking system is fast growing business all over the world. There are many android based cab service apps which are working in different countries and providing service for users. This application helps users to easily(…)

Intranet Banking Project

AIM: The aim of Intranet Banking Project  in java was to explore new avenues in computing Like the distributed systems along with traditional concepts like OOPS and networking. SCOPE: This project aspires to be a simulation of sorts for a Network Bank in the near future.  If coupled with appropriate hardware this system can be turned into(…)