Implementation of Online Store

Online Store Project in java gives the customers to order the goods and pay the amount at the time of delivery i.e., COD (Cash On Delivery).This system maintains the information regarding the Suppliers, regarding Staff, regarding Items and of Customers. This project widened the target customers to men and women of the middle class. System Details(…)

Multi Mode Block Messaging Android Project

Multi Mode Block Messaging Android Project the name itself indicates that it contains different modes and for each mode the functionality of the application has set with the time and associated message. Only the contacts which are saved in the saved list are allowed to take the call and the other calls will be blocked basing(…)

METRO Android Project

Purpose of METRO Android Project  is to develop a user friendly mobile application in android platform for provides mobile based service for customers. which provides a service to all the customers and users who want to find information of trains running and fares from any location using mobile phone.  Existing System:  In existing system users(…)