Help Desk Management System

Help desk management system project is used in software organizations which is handled by HR management team. Main functionality of this software is to provide a solution for employes to directly be in touch with human resource team and solve employee issues.  This application is also called as issue tracking system. Problem and solution: In(…)

ATM Reporting System for Availability and Transaction

ATM Reporting system for availability and transactions project works on client and server model by using web technologies.  For reporting and updating all available atm machines and transactions details we need a system which can be managed by managers.  This application mainly consists of atm availability , transaction types working and non working atm’s average withdraw(…)

Digital Music Shopping System Project

Digital music shopping website project comes under e commerce category for buying video cd’s and audio cd’s . Details are updated to web server with available video and audio cd by dividing in to different categories.  Each category will maintain old and new records with options to add to basket and buy online.  Project development:(…)

Spam Detection Project Using Web Browser

Spam detection project using web browser is useful for securing browsing by detecting spam websites. This application will detect spam sites and notify using web browser.  Spam Detection Project Using Web Browser Functional Requirements:               The system should be able to check whether the url in the address bar is valid(…)

Game-Theoretic Pricing for Video Streaming in Mobile Networks project

Mobile users are upgrading to 3g and video streaming technologies for better communication between users.  Mobile service providers are providing different data plans for users  to share video files between different users. Service providers are facing problem with this redistribution methods which is causing loss  .  Service provider must provide best rate for user to(…)

A Competitive Study of Cryptography

A competitive study of cryptography project is a major project which uses cryptography and encryption techniques using block cipher.  This project is developed in java programming language.  Existing System: At present there are many encryption techniques which are used for providing security for users but most of them are facing different security issues mainly when encryption(…)

Rijndael Algorithm

The main idea to develop Rijndael Algorithm project is to provide file security with the latest and strongest algorithm.  Rijndael (pronounced rain-dahl) is the block cipher algorithm that has been selected by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the candidate for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). On all of algorithms extensive research(…)