Government Schemes for Citizens Project

Schemes proposed by government are not effectively processed to reach citizens , most of the schemes are even not know to citizens. There is need for a effective application like Government Schemes for Citizens Project which should be available on web as a transparent system. This application should be accessible to each citizen and provide him(…)

Doctor Patient Management System Project

Management applications are fast growing software used in various industries. Doctor Patient Management System is a similar project which comes under management software used in heal care sector . This application is specially developed for hospitals for managing patients, doctors , scheduling appointments, billing,  report generation . Existing And Proposed System Overview:  Managing data under different(…)

Client Server Communication Project

Client server communication is important part of network communication projects. Most of the networking projects works based on client server connection. This project client server protocol implementation is developed to understand how communication between client and server is established and concepts of networking are explained.  Project Introduction:  Internet is one of the greatest inventions which(…)

Life Insurance Project

Insurance project computerizes existing manual system for managing customer’s details, insurance plans, dealers information, calculation, schemes management, policy terms and registration details.   Project overview:  There are many insurance provides who need to manage huge data related to employees, customers, policy..etc. In order to manage these details we need a effective management application. This application insurance(…)

Image Steganography

Steganography is the concept used for providing security for users data. There are different types of stegnography methods but here are providing image stegonography related project.   Objective of this concept is to prevent dropping of data while information is passed from source to destination. This method will provide a best method to handle data. This(…)

Online Secure Auction System

Auction is the process of selling goods by placing bid on each product where users will bid with some amount and others will bid by increasing amount. Users who quotes best rate can purchase product. Bidding is one the method used to sell product.  There are different areas where this process is followed.  Mostly when(…)

Blood Bank Information Management System

Web applications are playing important role in medical field for provide a fast and effective service for users from any locations even in tough times.  This application blood bank information management system is similar application which comes under medical category.  Over View of Blood Bank Management System: In our daily life we will come across(…)

Integrated Library Management System Project

Web application which can computerize management of library books and help users to manage using a software application we developed an online integrated library management system project in java. Main functionality of this online application is to update all available books in library and allow users to search required book. Project overview: Users who want(…)

Multiple Database Management System

Concept of multiple database management system is mostly seen in software development environment where database managers and developers works on different projects and need to connect to different database based on requirements. In order to perform these action we need a effective method which can provide graphical user interface and options to execute querires and(…)

Stock Analyzer for Godowns

Stock analyzer for godowns project is a web based application which uses centralized database for managing data. Stock analyzer application is management software developed for managed inflow and outflow of stock. In order to manage customers and goods information we need a effective software with time updating, cost, customers details, delivery and return dates..etc. Project(…)