Sales and Rental System Project

Sales and Rental System project is a stand alone application which is useful for bca, mca, CSE,IT Students. This project is developed in using mysql database. Project Proposal: This software application is developed by considering existing issues in video rental shops which uses manual methods for managing customers information, billing details..etc. There is scope(…)

Project Report on Jewellery Shop Management System

Jewellery shop management system project is a web based application . Here we provide project report for students for reference. List of contents in project Report: Analysis of market on jewellery sales Data flow diagram E R diagram Sequence diagram  Project Abstract:  In existing system manual methods are used in jewellery shops for handling various(…)

Online Job Portal Project

Online job portal project is a web based application designed in programming language.  This project is useful for mini or major project.  Project Synopsis: Online job portals are useful for helping users to search for jobs based on their skills and company requirements. This project consists of all features that are present in existing(…)

Electronic Workshop Project

   This Electronic Workshop  inventory management project is software application designed in this is useful for electronic product selling shops.  Project Synopsis:  At present software applications had reached to most of the businesses like shops management, vehicle system management..etc for reducing manual work and improving standards of data management. Few years back most of the(…)