Online BookStore Project in JSP

Online bookstore project (java)is a web based application useful for selling books through online. Users can access bookstore from any location using world wide web. Customers can search for books from different category and add to chart for further processing to buy using credit card. Block diagram Explanation: User interface is designed in java script(…)

Train Reservation System

Train Reservation system web application is developed to computerize process of ticket booking. From this application students can learn how to write code for booking , cancellation, availability check ..etc. Project Abstract: In India Train service is the mostly used transportation for long distance traveling. Passengers from different locations will try to book tickets. In(…)

Employee Management System Project Synopsis

Employee Management system project software with visual basic (VB.NET) coding and project documentation for free downloads. Details of project modules, database design and dfd are explained below. Project Abstract: It is tough to manage employee salary, loan, leave details manually mainly for organizations where there are large number of employees. Many software companies use this(…)

Employee Loan Management System

Employee Loan management system software project in is specially designed or organizations for managing employee loan calculation for every month and provide detailed report for employee about deductions and total salary. Project Introduction: Most of the employee’s bank loans are granted based on their monthly salary. When employee applies for loan to specific bank(…)

Online Hospital Management System

Online Hospital Management system mini project in is a web based software application for bca and mca software engineering students. We provide detailed information of project modules, source code with ms access database for free download. Project Abstract: Every city has number of hospitals where daily large number of patients will visit to get(…)

Online Bus Ticket Reservation System Project

 Online bus ticket Reservation system project is a management software useful for booking tickets. Using this application user can search for best available buses and compare cost and book tickets using different payment procedures. This application is developed in php using mysql database.    Project abstract: Main objective of this software application is to design(…)

Boutique Management System Project

Boutique management system is a web based management software which is useful for showrooms for managing billing, customers data management, stock updates. is used for developing application. Project Design Front end part is designed in programming language and back end database is ms access. Main form will contain all modules like adding customers,(…)

Mobile Showroom Management Project

Mobile shops need a software application for computerize the process of work. Mobile showroom management project can be used for managing billing data, calculation monthly transactions, managing stocks. This application is developed in programming language. Project Synopsis:  Show room sales management, vehicle information management ..etc software are playing important role for reducing manual work(…)

Vehicle Insurance Management System

Insurance companies need a software application which can manage various vehicles insurances through online. Vehicle insurance management system project will cover all modules like vehicle registration, insurance details, type of vehicle..etc.  In present online communication technology most of the work is don through software applications. In order to reduce manual work and increase efficiency and(…)

E School Management System

Schools need a software for managing students marks, attendance, reports..etc.  Application like E school management system will handle all these tasks. This software developed on programming language. Project Abstract:  This software application is designed in programming language using SQL Server database. When school takes admission to new member details of students with parents(…)