Human Resource Management System Project in

 Management application is designed to handle employees details in a company. Human resource management application is used in software companies. is used to design this application. Project synopsis: This application is useful for organizations where there is need to manage large number of employees and other types of tasks. Most of the multinational companies(…)

Download Source Code College Management System Project

College management system is a portal for administration to manage students details like marks, attendance and manage employees details. This application is developed in programming language. Project Abstract: This system will bring various departments to geather and provide efficient method for sharing and communication between employees, administration, parents and students. Using this software we(…)

Asp.Net Social Networking Website Project

Social networking  website application is a simple web based application for students to learn basic features of social networking like adding friends, sending requests, posting comments .  This code can be used as mini or major project for college students. Project Title:  Social Networking site Project in Asp.Net Project Description:  New users should register(…)

Vehicle Showroom Management System

Vehicle showroom management system is a web application which uses as programming language and MS access as database. This application can manage vehicles related sales, payments, billing , service , registration ..etc. Project Introduction:  There are various steps to be followed for buying vehicles to customers or giving orders to companies which should be(…)