Washing Machine Customer Service Administration Project

        Washing Machine Customer Service Administration is software applications maintain all the day to day activities of the customer support, the software also provide option to process the complaints, allocate the employee to manage the service and  It is also provide option to analyze the service provided the employee. Based on the analysis(…)

Election Process Data Collection And Result Announce System

Election process data collection and result announce system is software application program to manage election data and result announcement.  This program is for Election Commission to manage elections. As we know presently we are using electronic devices to cast the votes. These devices as to shift to the each election booth and it must bring(…)

Online Election Nomination Filing system

India is the largest democracy in the world. Elections will be held for every 5 years for National and State Assemblies. It is very elaborate process. It start with filing of nominations, withdraw of nomination, rejection of nomination, both finalization, govt emp allotment to each both etc., These process are done manually so it will(…)

Effort Tracking System

  Effort Tracking System is a software project for companies to select their employees for a particular job. The software package helps the companies to select the employees from interview to final selection. This software has options to track effort of the applicant in many levels. This includes from his basic education, Interview test, viva and(…)

Driving School Administration System

Administrative Program for Driving School is a software program to manage driving school day to day activities. This software helps driving school to manage their admission, fee collection, vehicle allotment etc., Also it helps the school to track all the records related to admission and fee collection. And also they can reports instantly.  OBJECTIVE: The(…)

Data Migration Tool Project in Java

Data migration tool project is a user interface designed for databases for connection to multiple data bases like mysql, oracle . User is provided with single interface through which we can manage multiple databases in a fast and efficient manner. Using a single tool we can execute any type of queries using GUI and update(…)

Customer Care Management Project

  Customer Care Management software program is software application program to manage customer relationship in a better way. This project is developed for a established Solar Water heater company. This is company selling Solar Water heaters of different capacity to customers by collecting customer data from different sources. In order to communicate with customers they require(…)

Centralized Visa Processing System

        CENTRALIZED VISA PROCESSING SYSTEM is a software application maintain all the applications received by the visa office, the software also provide option to process the application, to generate the receipt for the amount collected etc., It also provided with search tool to search the status of the visa application.    OBJECTIVE: This(…)

Cargo Container Management

This project is developing for large cargo container Management Company; this company located in Mumbai, and has branches in all major cities in India. This project Cargo Container Management is to help the company to track all its containers across the country. Also this project provides them tools to manage their day to day activities.(…)

Car Rental System Project

         Car Rental System is software program for cab operators to manage day to day operations. The project is done for the cab operator who has more than 100 cabs in the city. The main problem they are facing is booking the cab when customer is called. There is a lot of mismatch(…)