Law Firm Management system

Law Firm Management system is more applicable to lawyers, clients for   the case investigation and helpful to practice lawyers to verify investigated cases. According to our System we can deal the cases, add the cases, courts, witnesses, members and collecting hearings modify the Court details, Sections Details, lawyer investigated details Project Introduction: The Indian Law(…)

Employee Work Activity Management System

Employee work activity management system provides a systemic procedure to organize employees work in large companies. This project is useful for human resource management team to track each employee track record and analyze for different purpose.  Introduction: Work activity management software is now used in each organization for tracking, delegating and analyzing process of project(…)

Education Institute Project Allotment System

Education institute project allotment system project is a web portal useful for assigning projects to  final year students based on online test results. This application will communicate with three members institute admin, college lecturer or project guide and college student group. Project Introduction: This application is useful for education institutions, colleges for handling projects in(…)

Download Manager Project in java

Download manager project is a networking related project which is developed to help users to download any file from internet with a fast speed and from multiple servers. Download Manager and Download Workers As the figure suggests, for each file download, a CoreDownloadManager object is instantiated. A list of mirror URLs (can be just one)(…)

E Tender and Supplier Exchange Project

E tender and supplier exchange project is a web portal for helping business men to apply for tender for providing required material or specific type of work to government organizations or private organizations.   This application will help contacts to know about any new tenders with out visiting officers. Officials will upload latest tender details to(…)

IDEA Algorithm in Cryptography For Image Encryption

IDEA algorithm for image encryption with cryptography Is a data security related project which users stegnography and cryptography techniques for securing text data by covering it will image file . In this IDEA algorithm is used. Scenario of each module is explained below: In IDEA algorithm in cryptography project we have three screens one for(…)

Web Portal to check Broken Links

BLH, The Broken Links Handler is a small, but cute utility. The point of this program is to check the “HREF=” links in your website, to make sure they are valid. Task Overview Marking broken links – Sometimes a link could not really be broken, just gone for a face pack. Replacing redirects with their(…)

E Learning Translation Editing System Project

E learning translation editing system project is developed to translate any course which is part of e learning from existing language to any other language. Conclusion: E learning translation editing system is helpful to computerize concept of translation without any manual work. By computerizing this system it takes care of the entire processing that is(…)

Steganography Application Tool

Steganography Application Tool project demonstrates the process of encrypting and embedding the message in a JPEG image file by implementing them using Java-Language. However, a more comprehensive, integrated and user friendly application can be developed. Using these algorithms in a rapid application development environment like Visual Basic, Visual C++, such a tool can find many(…)

E health care Advisor Project

E health care advisor system project is a web application useful for providing online health care support for patients from certified doctors. This web portal will be helpful for user who are located at remote locations without doctors. Introduction: E health care is a new trend that is recently came in to use with the(…)