E insurance Management system

E insurance management system is a online service related project for insurance companies to reach users and give support in a best way with minimum manual work. This application can be used for providing support for insurance related queries like application form filling by online, submitting required information through online and updating new features through(…)

Computerised Order Management System

The computerised order management system is a web portal for water Purifier Company where they can take orders and provide online customer support. This application will provide these features. Providing  customers  to  place  order  for  water purifier  through  online. Providing  dealers  the  order status  of  customers  in  their  area and  also  to  place  order  through (…)

Online Video Rental Shop Project

Online video rental shop project is e shopping portal for purchasing or getting movie cd or any type of video cd through online on rental basis. This web portal is useful for users to get original movies and videos cd on low cost.  There are many offline stores where we can rent cd but there(…)

Revenue Collection System Project

Project on revenue collection system project is a management software for government revenue department for managing monthly collections from various government departments like stamp duty collection, space rental collection.. etc. This is useful for easily analysing monthly payments and pending payments and generating reports. Introduction: Government collects tax from citizens and departments for generating revenue.(…)

Online Pension Assistance System

Project on online pension assistance system is a web portal for employees who can communicate with higher officials of company and pension management team to clarify queries through online. Introduction: Employees who are working in any company will get pension after retirement. There is process for applying pension and in this state employee should submit(…)

Pesticide Company and Dealer Management System

Project on pesticide company and dealer management system is a management software which is  a web portal. This application is developed to reduce communication gap between company and dealers. Web portal will have admin and dealer modules through which details of products can purchase can be done. Introduction: Pesticides are useful for every farmer which(…)

Collector Fund Management System

Project on collector fund management is for managing funds received by district collector and allotting them to different schemes and checking status. Project Introduction: Due to availability of new technologies and reducing cost in terms of problem solving. Web based applications are used in many ways  to solve problems. In government sector web portals are(…)

Database Interface Tool

Database Interface tool is a user interface for connection to different types of databases with respective jdbc drivers.  For developing this application oracle and mysql is used. Using this tool we can control database by using drivers.  This application provides option for users to execute any type of query through front end graphical interface and(…)

Courier Logistics Tracking System

Project on courier logistics and tracking system is a management tool for courier servicers which will transport goods from source to destination in given time. Using this web portal we can upload details for courier parcel information of each customer and allow user to know status of parcel through online. Introduction: Logistic management is part(…)

Online Examination System for Employee Selection

Project on online examination system for employee selection is developed for software companies to take online exams for employees which are part of requirement. This system is useful for conducting recruitment process in short time and easy to evaluate employee knowledge. Project Introduction: Online test based applications are used in different areas to test knowledge(…)