Controlling direction and speed for DC motors using PWM Technique

Aim: Project titled controlling direction and speed for DC motor using PWM technique is developed to show how pulse width modulation method can be used for controlling speed and controlling process is managed through personal computer. Introduction: Pulse width modulation technique is used this embedded project for controlling speed of motor. Speed variation is used(…)

Fiber Optic Communication System For Secure Data Transmission From Computer To Micro Controller

Aim: Aim of fiber optic communication system for secure data transmission from computer to micro controller project is show how send data from personal computer to micro controller which is located at remote location. In this we are using transmitter and receiver circuits. Purpose: Purpose of this project is to show how communication can be(…)

Automatic Door and Lighting Control Using Micro Controller

Aim: Project titled automatic door and light control using micro controller project is designed to save power and auto control door open and close without any human interference. Project Purpose: Purpose of this project is to implement automated system for houses to control lights and doors. This system will save time and power usage. Introduction:(…)

LDR Based Power Saving Control System for Street Lights

Aim: LDR based power saving system control system for street lights project is designed to reduce usage of power with automatic switching lights based on light availability. Project Purpose: Purpose of this project is to design embedded based hardware application which is used in street lights or houses to auto switching control to reduce power(…)

Temperature Monitoring and Controlling for Industries

Aim: Aim of Temperature monitoring and controlling for industries using AT89S52 micro controller is to control variations in heat for different applications used in industries like furnaces, Purpose: Purpose of this project is to provide secure way of processing without any problems which are caused due to temperature variations in different applications inside a(…)