Main objective of this auto control and monitor of electrical systems using Bluetooth is a embedded based project which is used for controlling fans, bulbs, motors from short remote distance using Bluetooth.


This embedded based application can manage any type of electrical applications like bulb, fan, motors..etc. and their parameters without any loss or damage for remote controlling of system we are using Bluetooth technology .


Auto Control and Monitor Electrical Systems Using Bluetooth

Auto Control and Monitor Electrical Systems Using Bluetooth


This application works on remote technology so there is no need of any wired connections. But as we are using Bluetooth technology it will work for short range communication only. Microcontroller is used for taking decisions based on results taken from sensors, and Bluetooth module.

In this project we are using two sensors fire sensor and temperature sensor which are connected to ADC. ADC gives data to microcontroller and Bluetooth is connected to micro controller. Micro controller is programmed with embedded c programming language which will take decision and give output to controllers. Controllers are passed to relays, driver circuit and lcd display which will control electronic systems.  In this we are used android mobile to display values which is done by Bluetooth.  Using android mobile we can control fan , bulb or motor.

This embedded application is useful for residential building, apartments and offices. This can save time and reduce power consumption.


  • Express PCB & Express Schematic.
  • Kiel micro-vision
  • Embedded C
  • Android SDK 


  • Microcontroller AT89S52.
  • Bluetooth Modules.
  • Temp, Humidity, Fire Sensors etc.
  • LCD Display
  • Power supply
  • Dc motor
  • Relays.
  • ADC

Download Auto Control and Monitor Electrical Systems Using Bluetooth  Project abstract.