Aim of automatic controlling fan speed based on temperature change project is to develop embedded based application which can automate process of fan control by checking temperature changes.

Project Purpose:

Purpose of this project is to save power and reduce manual work to control fan speed control. This is mostly helpful for home applications.


Fans are used at home , offices, factories with different uses. In house we use fan to keep our room cool are there are applications like Air conditoners where auto temperature control is managed.  There are many areas where fan speed control is very useful. In existing system we have auto temperature based swithching system but it only works for few applications.

In this project are implementing temperature based fan control which can be used for any fans by adding a small sensor based embedded system.

This embedded application can control speed of fan based on user requirement. In this we use embedded system a main center processing unit which will take decision along with controller there are other components like LCD screen, sensors , triac, switching system.

Automatic Controlling Fan Speed Based on Temperature Change

Automatic Controlling Fan Speed Based on Temperature Change


LM35 temperature sensors are used in this application for capturing time to time based variations and update those details to micro controller. As these signals are in analog form it is converted to digital using ADC converter. Micro controller will check values and send commands to LCD screen to display temperature. If temperature is less then existing value then fan speed will be reduced. If temperature increases compare to existing values fan speed will be increased. This done by switching and controllers. 


This application can be used in real time for houses and factories to control fan speed based on live temperature values.


LCD screen

LM35 temperature sensor


Micro controller