Detecting obstacles for avoiding accidents using ultra sonic sensors project aim is to design a micro controller based security system which can detect obstacles from distance and take inform in advance.


Main objective of this system is to design a system which can consider existing system problems and provide solution for accident avoiding by detecting obstacles.

Existing system:

In existing system there are no specific methods for detecting obstacles in automobiles.

At present users are using mirrors and video displays to know about other vehicles.

Proposed system:

In proposed system ultra-sonic sensors are used to detect objects which are surrounded by robot. This system will help users to easily detect objects and take respective actions.

Detecting obstacles for avoiding accidents using Ultra Sonic Sensors

Detecting obstacles for avoiding accidents using Ultra Sonic Sensors


In this project for detecting obstacles in path we are using ultra sonic sensors and these signals are sent to micro controller and motors.  Ultra sonic sensors works on dual communication systems for both transmitting and receiving data.

In this project an ultrasonic sensor is used to detect any obstruction and in turn signals to the microcontroller and motors. An ultrasonic sensor is a dual communication means transmitting and receiving. According to received data vehicle will stop automatically to avoid collision. Whenever any obstacle comes the robot body will be automatically stops and also gives a buzzer sound.

This robot is designed with two motors for the drive which are used for controlling direction of robot. Based on commands given motors will switch on and off. Based on these motors right and left directions are controlled.



Embedded ‘C’

RIDE to write code

ISP to burn the chip