Project tilted gesture based movement controlled vehicle for visually challenged persons aim is to design embedded application using micro controller to provide solution for physically challenged persons to control vehicle by just moving their hands.

Existing system:

In existing system wheel chairs are given to physically challenged persons which are operated by hand or by taking others help which is not confortable under all conditions so in order to provide better solution this project is proposed.

Proposed system:

In proposed system MEMS technology is used through which movement of wheel chair can be controlled just by moving hands to show directions of movement.

Gesture Based Movement Controlled Vehicle For Visually Challenged

Gesture Based Movement Controlled Vehicle For Visually Challenged

Description :  

In this project MEMS ( micro electro mechanical systems ) technology is used which can be used in small applications and merges in to NEMS. MEMS are designed with small size which can easily embed in to applications. MEMS  is a combination of microprocessor , central processing unit and many small components which are used for communication between other devices or sensors.

Using MEMS property detection of movement of object is possible. MEMS will change its acceleration based on change of gravity which is also called as G force. This system works on two roles for impaired users and physically challenged users. For impaired users wheel chair will move automatically but for physically challenged users it will move based on MEMES sensors. In other case wheel chair is attached with sensors when user users his directions based  on hand movement wheel chair will movie in that direction this will be useful for old persons because it does not require any ones help.

For this project flash version of AT89S52 micro controller is used and embedded c is used for programming.


SOFTWARE             : Embedded ‘C’

TOOLS                      : RIDE/KEIL to write code, ISP to burn the chip.

TARGET DEVICE : At89s52 based our own developed board.

ADVANTAGES      : Low cost, automated operation, Low Power consumption.