GSM based monitoring system with SMS for ICU patients project aim is to automate process of patient monitoring from any location by receiving updates on phone in the form of messages.


Main goal of this project is to design a application for doctors and hospitals to monitory patients health status from any location. 


Scope of this project is to understand issues in existing patient monitoring system and propose a new method using latest technologies to automate process of work.

Existing system: 

In existing system doctors need to visit patients and check status of health parameters and nurse will check updates and inform to doctor. In this projects it is compulsory for human to monitor patient. 

Proposed system:

In proposed system we are going to design a micro controller based system using GSM technology in which patients information is updated to doctor in time period in the form of messages with patient name and its parameters.

GSM Based Monitoring System With SMS For ICU Patients

GSM Based Monitoring System With SMS For ICU Patients


Technology is playing important role in different areas for reducing manual work and improving efficiency. In health care sector there are many applications which can be automated to provide better service for patients and reduce work or doctors. This application is related to health monitoring in which patients health parameters are sent in the form of message to doctor.

For this project flash memory micro controller is used which is embedded with c coding . Hardware components like gsm modem are used for sending messages. GSM modem will have sim card using this card message is sent to doctor whose details are embedded in software.  In this project details like patient name, health parameters are sent in the form of message and also displayed on LCD screen. 

The project provides learning’s on the fallowing advancements:

1. Developing a sensor based on LED and LDR.

2. LDR characteristics.

3. Design of voice based IC circuit.

4. Conversion of AC supply to DC supply.

5. Embedded C programming.

6. PCB design.

The major building blocks of this project are: 

1. Regulated power supply.

2. Micro controller.

3. Heart beat sensor.

4. Reset.

5. Graphical LCD

6. Crystal oscillator.

7. LED indicators.`