Main objective of this application is to design a RFID based library management system for storing list of available books and updating issued book details.


In this embedded application we will use RFID tags which are like cards used for issuing books to users in library.







In this application we use embedded system using RFID and EPROM  . Here librarian will update each book with RFID tag which will contain information of book name and book number..etc. When book is issued to user information of book name, date, time and return date with book number is taken and stored in EPROM which is processed by microcontroller. When student returns books to library librarian can check with tag and validate details. If the validations are correct then conformation is shown on LCD display. If it is not valid buzzer sound will come.




RFID (Radio frequency identification) is the latest technology used in identifying objects and know about their details. This technology is now used in shopping malls and book stores and many other places.  Using this technology we can track specific object like cost, type..etc. In this project we are using this technology in library management system where it is presently used in big libraries all around the world.  RFID cards which are integrated with cards are given to users who can use these cards to take books. Details are maintained based on RFID tag. This method will reduce process of management and automates process of issuing and reminding about books along with payment.  This process also helps in tracking books from library and manages document flow and track old records in short time.



  •   Keil μvision3
  •   Express PCB
  • Express SCH



  • Power Supply
  •  Microcontroller
  •   RFID Reader
  •   LCD
  •   EEPROM
  •   BUZZER



This system will provide a effective method for solving old method used in library. Using tags we can take books and manage data.