Main aim of smart system for detecting speed and notification system is to detecting fast moving vehicles speed which are crossing traffic rules and information to security persons to take action.


Purpose of this project is to develop an embedded hardware application with IR sensors to detect speed of vehicle and take security measures to inform authorities through SMS  using GSM technology.


Smart System for Detecting Speed and Notification

Smart System for Detecting Speed and Notification


Auto mobile industry is the fast growing industry in using latest technologies to improve security for users and provide a effective system for transportation. At existing system there are no specific method used to find out speed of vehicles and information authorizes with out any human interference. In this application we are using a technologies like embedded, GSM , SMS services, IR technology to provide a effective system .

In present system we are using new way of tracking speed of vehicle. In this application we are using two IR sensors which can detect vehicle passing through them based on that speed details are transmitted to micro controller. Microcontroller will calculate speed of vehicle and send information to GSM modem which will send message using available network. In this way authorizes can know fast moving vehicles details and take action.

In this project Micro controller is connected to IR sensors, GSM modem and LCD screen. Speed details are shown on LCD screen.


1)      Microcontroller (AT89S52)

2)      LCD Display (16×2 lines)

3)      GSM Modem

4)      MAX-232

5)      IR TX & IR RX

6)      Power Supply



1)      Kiel U vision

2)      Express PCB

3)      ISP



This application is useful for tracing fast moving vehicles on highways and informs authorities to take action.