Aim of this project is to design a wireless monitoring system for coal mines to monitory gas and temperature parameters and check threshold values and update details to authorities to take precautions.


Objective of this project is to find out issues in existing system for providing security system for employees working in mines and provide solution.


Project has scope to reduce risks in coal mines and provide solution for monitoring gas and temperature on regular intervals.

Existing system:

Existing system is designed in a way that gas and temperature is monitored and this system works on connection based system.  With this approach only employees who are working in mines can only know about security alerts.

Wireless Monitoring system for Monitoring GAS and Temperature inside Mines

Wireless Monitoring system for Monitoring GAS and Temperature inside Mines

Proposed system:

In proposed system wireless based security monitoring is designed in which authorities located at any locations can monitor status and take decisions. In this project we are using zigbee based wireless communication system which will have both transmitter and receiver.


In mining works security is main concern for employees. In mines most of them work under different environmental conditions and other serious issue is release of harm gases. For providing security for employees authorizes need effective security systems which can continuously monitor gas and temperature and update to remote locations. For this project zigbee technology is used for wireless communication.

Zigbee transmitter is connected to sensors which will send signals to micro controller. Micro controller will send signals to transmitter. Receiver will receive signals and send to controller which will take decision and send signals to alarm.