Project titled accident information system using MEMS and RF communication main aim is to design a wireless information system with low cost to information accident alerts to persons to take fast action.


Purpose of this project is to design and system which will work on embedded system and other sensors using RF wireless technology to carry information to person who is location at other location and information him about accident.


Accident Information System using MEMS and RF Communication

Accident Information System using MEMS and RF Communication


Day by day total number of accidents on highways is increasing due to various reasons. Main reason for deaths from accidents is because of slow information and slow treatment this is because there is no specific way of communication system where accident detail are reached to persons who are located at far distance. In existing system normal call based information is provided where one should call relatives to inform about accident. In order to over come this problem and slow communication we are developing this project.

Present system is a embedded based system where information is transmitted to users in short time. In this project vibration sensors MEMS are used for sensing accident and this information is sent to micro controller which will transfer data to RF tramsmitter  in the form of decoded message which works on RF frequency. Information is received by RF receiver which will decode data using HT 12D decoder. As message is received details are shown on LCD screen and buzzer will ring.


1)      Microcontroller(AT89S52)

2)      LCD Display(16*2)

3)      RF Transmitter

4)      RF Receiver

5)      Power Supply

6)      BUZZER



  • Keil µ-vision
  • ISP
  • Express PCB


This project is help in fast way of communication for helping people in accident spot and reduce chances of life threats.