Advanced security system for ATM using GSM and MEMS project main aim is to design a security system for ATM to detect thief and update information to authority using GSM technology.

Existing system:

In existing system video recording based security system which will record daily visitor details and update to database. If there is any theft in ATM authorizes will verify record and give complaint and take action. In this method there is no fast way to inform authorities so we need a effective system which can inform in short time.

Proposed system:

In proposed system we are using MEMS technology to detect thief who forcefully handle atm machines and send security message to authorize using GSM technology. Main advantage of this project is using GSM technology which can be used in any country.


As we are using GSM technology in this project which is a global system for any mobile communication which will fulfill international standards. As this service works from any part of the world and compare to other mobile technologies GSM is most used mobile communication system.

Main problem in recent years of using technology in wrong way as new technologies are improving for helping users at the same time new ways of misusing methods are increasing . There are very few method to provide security systems. In this project we are going to deal with ATM security in which when users forcefully touch ATM machines these details are detected by mems sensor and information will be updated to remote user in the form of message. For sending message we are using micro controller.

In this project we are using at89s52 micro controller dumped with embedded c code.  Along with these we use GSM modem, MEMS sensors , RS 232 and power supply.

Advanced Security System for ATM’s Using GSM and MEMS

Advanced Security System for ATM’s Using GSM and MEMS