Aim of alarm based reminder system for old persons micro controller based project is to design a simple system where users can enter required details like medicines, works, payments..etc which need to reminded at specific time. This application will store data is memory based on use input and alarm sound will come .


Purpose of this project to help old persons who normally forget to take medicines ,so they need a system which can remind them with alarm sound.

Project Introduction:

Normally old persons forget to take medicines and many other forget other things like paying bills, purchasing products..etc. There are conditions where it will cause serious problems mainly while we forget to take medicines.  Considering problem in this existing system we need to develop a idea to remind uses with a simple application.

Alarm Based Remainder System for Old Persons

Alarm Based Remainder System for Old Persons


In this application we are using micro controller AT89S52 which is used for taking decisions based on timer settings given in code. User will have control switches to set date, time and data that to be reminded. Data is stored in memory as this data is stored in DS1307 has inbuilt flash EEPROM which will be useful in providing non erasable data even after power loss.  Real time clock chip is used for scheduling.

In this project we are using micro controller, power supply, lcd screen, control switch array, buzzer , crystal.


This project is useful for reminding users on any specific task based on time and date. We can use this project for reminding medicines, paying bills..etc.