Alcohol detection system to prevent accidents main objective is to develop a automation system which can detect alcohol consumption rate and auto shut down engine.


Purpose of this project is to develop a secured way of traveling system to avoid drunk and drive problems. In this project we use sensors which can detect alcohol consumption rate and control vehicle ignition system.



Alcohol detection system to Prevent Accidents

Alcohol detection system to Prevent Accidents


With the advancement of new hardware and software technolgoies in automobile industry there are areas where new applications can be developed for secure driving. This project deals in providing security for derives who are in drunk condition. In this hardware we have alcohol sensors , micro controllers, drives,  motor , buzzer and LCD display.  When user enters in to vehicle sensor will detect users status of alcohol if it exceeds limit values then buzzer will ring with status displayed on lcd screen and ignition key will off.

Micro controller will act as decision making control system. Sensors will send data to controller which will calculate with high a low levels of alcohol and then take decision and send signals to lcd , buzzer and ignition system.


  • Microcontroller
  • Power supply
  • Gas sensor
  • Voice IC
  • Motor


  • ISP
  • Embedded C
  • Express PCB 


This simple hardware with sensor and alcohol can help users in providing secured driving and reduce drunk and drive cases.