This project is mainly designed for controlling robot using a android mobile.  User will have a android application with control commands who can control using arrows based on that embedded controlled robot is moved.


Purpose of this project is simple that users will have option to monitor and control robot using his mobile.



Android Based Robot Control

Android Based Robot Control




This application woks on embedded systems using Bluetooth and robot technologies. Embedded systems are used for controlling commands and acting as medium between robot and android mobile. In this project user will send commands from android mobile via messages in the form of commands. These commands are transmitted using Bluetooth wireless technology where robot will act as receiver and receive messages based on received commands respective operations are performed.

This project consists of microcontroller programmed with coding and embedded in to chip based on login written in coding operations are performed. Android mobile is given with commands which are written in coding based on these commands operations data is transmitted to receiver through Bluetooth technology based on received commands by robot it will move front back and side directions. 


1)      Microcontroller

2)      Bluetooth

3)      Android mobile

4)      Motors

5)      Motor Drivers

6)      LCD Display


1)      Kiel U vision

2)      Embedded ‘C’

3)      Express PCB

4)      ISP

5)      Andoid.sdk