Project titled automatic door and light control using micro controller project is designed to save power and auto control door open and close without any human interference.

Project Purpose:

Purpose of this project is to implement automated system for houses to control lights and doors. This system will save time and power usage.


In our daily we need application which can save human works and reduce usage of power. In existing system we used to control light and fans using auto control method which will only switch on or off applications. This method are useful in certain cases only. With advancements of new technologies and light sensor we can further improve power saving methods and reduce manual work. This application is also related to saving power and controlling doors.

In proposed system we are using embedded application which is a small hardware with micro controller and switches, controllers , relays, traics ..etc to control this system.

Automatic Door and Lighting Control Using Micro Controller

Automatic Door and Lighting Control Using Micro Controller


This this application is using two infrared sensors called as transmitter and receiver. One sensor is placed outside room and other is placed inside room. These sensors are used to detect if any person is entering in to room and LDR sensors are used to sensing lighting. Initially lighting inside room will be off when users enters in to room IR sensor detects person and send information to IR receiver which will send signals to micro controller and then door will be opened at same time LDR sensor will send signals to micro controller about present lighting values based on that values auto light switch on or off action will be performed.  When user leaves room TX wills send signlas to RX then door will open.

This project is combination of person identification and lighting system. If user is inside room light will on only if it is night and if it is night and person is not in room at this time light will switch off.