Project titled automation of health care monitoring system application is a real time monitoring system for hospitals to send information related to health to doctors using wireless communication.


Purpose of this project is to design a wireless communication system between patients and doctors for tacking live information of patients health information like heart rate, blood pressure..Etc. For this purpose in this project we are using biomedical sensors which will send live data using GSM technology and doctor from any location can track patient’s health status. 


Automation of Health Care Monitoring System

Automation of Health Care Monitoring System


With the advancement of new technologies in the field of health care systems hospitals are using latest electronic systems for providing fast and effective service for patients from any location and utilizing doctors time effectively.

In any hospital health monitory is compulsory and details of patient like heart beat and blood pressure. Etch should be monitored continuously and take decision.  But this is not possible due to many reasons in order to solve this problem we are providing and effective method where a hardware system is designed which users GSM wireless technology to send live data of patients health data to doctor mobile continuously.

This can be further extended to net based communication using TCP/IP protocol. 


  • Microcontroller
  • Power supply
  • GSM
  • Pulse sensor
  • Temperature sensor


  • ISP
  • Embedded C
  • Express PCB 


By implementing this idea in hospitals can provide solution for doctors to continuously monitor health parameters from any location.