This smart card based controlling home appliances aim is to design a hardware to switch on or off any appliance using relays and display information on lcd screen.


Purpose of smart card technology project is to reduce manual work by just controlling any home application using micro controller and relays.


Controlling Home Appliances Using Smart Card

Controlling Home Appliances Using Smart Card





Smart card is a small embedded circuit with embedded chip integrated in to a plastic card. Card reader will connect with integrated circuit with electricity.

List of devices which need to be authenticated with smart card is controlled by microcontroller which is surrounded by other circuits like relays which forms and control unit. Smart card will be used to sensing devices and controlling . User who want to access any device he need to authenticate using smart card.  Smart card should be integrated with smart card reader if that device is integrated with smart card then device will switch on or off.


1)      Micro controller (AT89S52)

2)      Smartcard Reader

3)      LCD Display

4)      Relay

5)      Appliances(BULB,LED,FAN)

6)      Power supply


1)      Kiel U vision

2)      Express PCB

3)      ISP 


1)      Home Applications

2)      Industrial Applications


Result of this hardware is a auto switch on and off any device at home using a authenticated smart card.