Aim of fiber optic communication system for secure data transmission from computer to micro controller project is show how send data from personal computer to micro controller which is located at remote location. In this we are using transmitter and receiver circuits.


Purpose of this project is to show how communication can be established between computer and micro controller using Fiber optic technique. Here we are using RS232 optical fiber cable.


Fiber Optic Communication System For Secure Data Transmission From Computer To Micro Controller

Fiber Optic Communication System For Secure Data Transmission From Computer To Micro Controller

Micro controller Introduction:

Micro controller 8052 provides a best of communication with integrated UART which supports serial port communication. With serial port communication it is easy to send data with short time. If serial port is not available sending data will be complicated process. In this application we are using serial port communication.

Optical Fiber Introduction:

Optical fiber is advanced communication medium which is alternate for copper and other cables. Light is sending in the form of pulses and transmitted to optical thin class cable. Data is transmitted at high speed with carries large amount of data.

 Project overview:

This application has two modules for transmitting and receiving data. For transmitting section micro controller is connected to optical fiber cable for RS232 communication. User can send data from transmitter section using MAX232 which is interfaced to MCU. Data is transmitted in the form of light pulses. Digital messages are converted to light pulses and send through hair thin glass cable.  Fiber cable has high index and refraction factor which will give details of how fast light is transmitted on cable. Comparing to existing available copper cables optical fibers are thin and transmit data faster and carry large amount of data in short period. With these advanced features optical fiber communications are used in latest communication system for transmitting television picture and data communications. Away from these features optical fiber takes less space for installation and it is easy to detect exact location of  information loss in cable and it can with stand many other environmental factors.