Main aim of food ordering system for audience in theatres using embedded system is a project which can help audience in theatres to know about food and order food without going out from place.


In existing method audience in theatres need to visit food court and know about foods and stand in line to get item in short time. From this problem we designed a application in which audience will have embedded based ordering system to view items and book items from kit and get items to seat number.



Food Ordering System for Audience in Theaters

Food Ordering System for Audience in Theaters




One of the main issues users face inside theater is purchasing food at interval time. User need to stand in line to purchase any item this makes process congested and reduce business for food courts because of short time. In order to overcome this problem we are developing and embed based system where user can view list of foods and give seat number and get items at location.

This system looks like a hardware kit where user will have keypad section by pressing menu key he can view list of available items which are shown on lcd screen which is located at his seating location. User can select items enter his name and seat number and this request is transmitted to pantry section through RF and this will be displayed on PC.

Through this proposal system the manual effort and standing in queue for long time will be also avoided. Apart from theatres this system can be also applicable in restaurants and other places.

Using this method existing method of standing in line will be solved and user will be comfort and pantry can also provide better service in short time.


1)     Microcontroller(AT89S52)

2)     LCD Display(16*2)

3)     Power supply

4)     Encoder

5)     Decoder

6)     RF TX & RF RX


1)     Kiel U vision

2)     Embedded ‘C’

3)     Express PCB

4)     ISP


By developing this embedded based kit problem of manual process will be reduced and efficiency of service and business will increase.