Gas Leakage detection and auto switch off system project aim is to develop a automation system for factories and house where Gas leakage is serious issue. Using this system we can detect and control by directly switching off Gas when there is leakage.


Purpose of this project is to solve problems that are faced due to gas leakages. Gas leakages are mostly see in factories and houses. In order to reduce this problem and automated system which can detect gas leakage and auto shut down gas.


Gas Leakage Detection and Auto Switch Off System

Gas Leakage Detection and Auto Switch Off System


At present Gas and temperature sensors are used in many applications from house hold to automobile to security systems. These sensors can detect harmful gases , gas leakage detectors  and sudden change in temperature and send information to micro controller to take decisions. These sensors are now days used in air quality check and pollution monitoring.

In this project we are using two sensors, gas sensor and temperature sensors. Each sensor threshold values are set based on manual and programmed in microcontroller. Sensors will continuously send data to microcontroller with current information. If values are below threshold level then system will work well if there are above threshold value then data is transmitted to buzzer or messages are sent to persons using GSM technology.  A the same time information is always update to LCD screen about current values and threshold values. Based on this information auto shut down option is provided with driver circuit with motor which will turn on and off gas cylinder.



  1. Microcontroller (AT89S52)
  2. LCD Display (16×2 lines)
  3. Max 232
  4. Start switch
  5. Motor
  6. GSM modem
  7. Gas sensor
  8. Buzzer
  9. Power supply


  1. Kiel U vision
  2. Express PCB
  3. ISP


  1. Taking measures to reduce the environment pollution.
  2. Large coverage from any distance.


This system will help in calculating live gas and temperature values and take decision and perform operations which can save from danger.