Aim of GSM based motor control system using SMS service is designed to help farmers to control motors from any location by switching on or off by sending Messages. We can also control Direction of Motor .


Purpose of this project is to design a system for controlling motor along with direction control from any location and reduce manual work . This application can save time manage work with minimal work.


GSM Based Motor Control System Using SMS service

GSM Based Motor Control System Using SMS service


The short message service (SMS) technology is one of the most stable mobile technologies around. Most of us carry mobile phones with SMS facilities and can be used for our several purposes. Short Message Service (SMS) is defined as a text-based service that enables characters to be sent from one mobile phone to another. In a similar vein to email, messages are stored and forwarded at an SMS centre, allowing messages to be retrieved later if you are not immediately available to receive them. Unlike voice calls, SMS messages travel over the mobile network’s channel.

In this application we are using SMS based services which are available on mobiles along with this SMS are transmitted through mobile device using GSM technology for this purpose we are using GSM mode. Messages are transmitted and communicated for processing by microcontroller.

Microcontroller is connected to DC motor which will take commands as text messages. When use sends message to turn on motor message is sent to controller and respective commands are send to DC motor through driver circuit. Using this process we can control motor directions and speed and turn on or off from any location. This method provides best solution to control motor from any location without any new hardware.  This application works without any location factor but mobile network should be working.


  1. Microcontroller (AT89S52)
  2. LCD Display (16×2 lines)
  3. Max 232
  4. GSM modem
  5. DC motor


  1. Kiel U vision
  2. Express PCB
  3. ISP


  1. Industrial applications
  2. No range limitation
  3. Anyone can access


  1. Industrial applications
  2. Home application
  3. Heavy load carrier belts


By implementing this project in real time cost and time will be saved and with minimum cost process can be completed.