Aim of home automation and security using SMS Service is a embedded application using GSM technology to control any type of hardware devices used in houses and provide home security with SMS service.


Purpose of this project is to control all home devices related to electronic appliances remotely using GSM technology by sending messages and functioning them to ON or OFF. This system will reduce work load and complete work from any location.



Home Automation and Security Using SMS Service

Home Automation and Security Using SMS Service


This project is designed to help house owners to provide security for home appliances and manage home appliances through online using GSM and android mobile technology. This software and hardware integrated application will provide solution for many problems that are faced by present working house owners.

This application works on micro controller with multiple sensors and hardware units integrated to form and total system. Three are some sensors to check if there is any smoke in house and send message to owner phone , similarly there are temperature sensor to inform about temperature in house . Information is passed to micro controller which is communicated to relays and then to home appliances. In this project we are controlling bulb, water pump, fan and gate.  Communication between sensors and microcontroller and home appliances is done through wireless communication using GSM technology.


  1. Microcontroller (AT89S52)
  2. LCD Display (16×2 LINES)
  3. Max 232
  4. Smoke, Temperature, LDR sensor
  5. ADC 0808
  6. Relay
  7. L293D driver
  8. GSM modem
  9. Bulb, Fan, Gate, Water Pump 


  1. Kiel U vision
  2. Express PCB
  3. ISP



Using this application can reduce current bill and complete works from remote location and provide security information through SMS.