LDR based power saving system control system for street lights project is designed to reduce usage of power with automatic switching lights based on light availability.

Project Purpose:

Purpose of this project is to design embedded based hardware application which is used in street lights or houses to auto switching control to reduce power usage.

Project Introduction:

Power is main source of different electronics applications from industry to house hold usage. But in present day to day life we are wasting power by not switching off lights and other electronic appliances. With this problem there is scope for developing new application which can control lights with automatic systems. In this project we are using new LDR based system which can detect light and auto control lights if it is night lights will switch on if it is day lights will switch off. This system can be used in any real time applications like street light controls, companies..etc.

In this project we are using micro controller ( 89S52) which is connected to external components like LDR-ADC interface. LDR sensors will detect light and send signals to ADC ( adc is used to convert from analog to digital )  which will send data to micro controller and send command to switch on or off .

LDR Based Power Saving Control System for Street Lights

LDR Based Power Saving Control System for Street Lights


LDR sensors are placed to give details of light and these signals are transmitted to analog to digital converter which will send information to micro controller. Micro controller will send information to lcd screen and transistor driver circuit which will control LED and relay.


This application is useful in real time traffic control to save power and reduce work load.


This embedded application will reduce manual power and automate process of light control

Power usage will be reduced.