Mobile based enrolment and appointment system is smart way for getting appointments by messages to mobile which will help in finding exact visitor. User will get message to mobile after appoint is fixed with time and date.


This embedded based system will help users to take appointment through phone call and get conformation to mail. Users will save time and no chances of waiting in queue.

Block Diagram:

Mobile Based Enrollment and Appointment System

Mobile Based Enrollment and Appointment System



     In order to meet any person of this designations ( vips, doctors, business persons, company heads..etc. ) we need to book appointment and get date and time. At present there are no specific methods for automatic way to book appointment using a phone call. In order to overcome this problem a new application is developed based on embedded system using mobile, Real time clock features.

In this embedded application microcontroller is used for controlling all other components in which embedded c program with logic is written, gsm modem is used for sending and receiving messages, RTC will take incoming call details with time and date and based on that time it will generate token and will assign unique token number to user by storing it in EEPROM. This token number will be received by user in the form of message and at same time details are shown on LCD screen.


1)      Microcontroller (AT89S52)

2)      Power supply

3)      EEPROM

4)      MAX 232

5)      GSM Modem

6)      RTC

7)      LCD Display ( 16*2 lines)


1)      Kiel U vision

2)      Express PCB

3)      ISP

Download Mobile Based Enrolment and Appointment System embedded systems abstract.