Objective of monitoring and controlling of energy saving system is to provide a solution for unwanted wastage of energy in different types of loads.


Purpose of this project is to limit amount of energy we are wasting and consuming in day to day life. This application will have digital energy meter with relay loads connects to analyze energy and save energy.


Monitoring and Controlling of Energy Saving

Monitoring and Controlling of Energy Saving


This is an automated process of controlling loads in a system mainly useful in industries where multiple loads are working at a time. In current system there are no specific methods to control amount of energy used based on requirement. In order to overcome this problem we are developing a application which will have microcontroller connected to digital meter ac supply and driver circuit and relays to control loads. Cut of energy is given to digital meter and continuous data readings are taken and based on readings decision is taken if it energy exceeds cut off and micro controller will send commands to switch off unwanted loads and buzzer sound is given for information details are shown on LCD screen.


  • Microcontroller
  • 16*2 LCD
  • Buzzer
  • relays
  • Loads
  • Digital energy meter
  • Power Supply 


●          Keil micro vision

●          uc flash or ISP

●          Embedded C

●          Express PCB



  • Industrial Applications


This application is developed to reduce usage of energy by controlling loads with auto control feature.