Aim:         Aim of oil and gas leakage detection system using wireless sensor networks is to detect leakage under different conditions and take respective action and update using GSM technology and send message to authorities.

Description :  

In this project detailed study on wireless network systems is done to develop security systems for resource industries like oil, gas refineries, and chemical and under water resource extraction.  This project mainly concentrates of safety applications need to develop for these companies. These companies need safety measures at the time of production process to provide security alerts to save life.  Wireless network systems use latest technology to solve these issues and provide many solutions.

In this application we are dealing with fire and gas leakage detection by using sensors. There are two sensors which will detect gas and fire and send information to micro controller which will check threshold values and send information to GSM modem which will send messages to safety authority to take action.

For this project we are using AT89S52 micro controller with nonvolatile memory. Code is written in embedded c.


SOFTWARE             : Embedded ‘C’

TOOLS                      : RIDE/KEIL to write code, ISP to burn the chip.

TARGET DEVICE : At89s52 based our own developed board.

ADVANTAGES      : Low cost, automated operation, Low Power consumption. 



1. The 8051 micro controller and embedded systems by  Mazidi.




5. Embedded systems with 8051 by kenith j ayala



Oil and Gas Leakage Detection System Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Oil and Gas Leakage Detection System Using Wireless Sensor Networks