Project titled PC based home automation and control system is to design a hardware application with PC APP interface through which user can view all home appliances like lights , fans..etc status (ON or OFF ) based on that user can either switch on or off.


Purpose of this embedded based application is to design an effective method to save power by operation all sources from single place.

Block diagram:

PC Based Home Automation and Control System

PC Based Home Automation and Control System


Power generation and it supply takes lot of work at present in our country we are lacking of power. There are many places where they don’t have power in order to solve this problem energy usage should be managed effectively. There are no specific application which can save power. In this project we are dealing with a effective way of power saving system using a hardware and software applications.

In this project we are using app which works on PC which has user interface to show list of electronic devices used in house and their status ( on or off ) . commands from computer is sent to micro controller which will send commands to driver circuits , relays and LCD screen.  Relay and driver circuits are connected to electronic devices to switch on or off.

Using this software and hardware integration we can manage all our home appliances from single source and save power usage.  This is mostly useful in shopping malls, schools , college .



  1. Microcontroller (AT89S52)
  2. LCD Display (16×2 lines)
  3. Max 232
  4. pc
  5. Relay
  6. 6.     DC motor
  7. 7.     Machines


  1. Kiel U vision
  2. Express PCB
  3. Virtual basic(java)
  4. ISP


This application is developed to monitory source code current wastage and switch on or off for any electronic devices