Project titled remote electrical loads control system for physically challenged embedded based application using AT89S52 micro controller is designed for factories and industries to handle electrical loads or appliances from remote location. As this uses remote technologies there is no need to physical strain which can be useful for physically challenged persons.

Project Introduction:

This project uses IR transmitter and receiver for controlling AC loads from short distances. This method will reduce manual work and users from any location can control systems. This method helps companies and industries to assign this work to physically disabled persons. This application has many advantages which can be used in houses , offices, industries .

Infrared is a radiant energy which has high wave length compare to light. Using IRĀ  we can send data to short distance, this technology is used in night vision, tracking, heating, bio logical systems ..etc.

In this project we are using AT89S52 micro controller which will send commands to based on IR sensors data. Away from these two we are using MOC opto coupler and TRIAC to control load.

Remote Electrical Loads control System for Physically Challenged

Remote Electrical Loads control System for Physically Challenged


This application total works on IR transmitter and receiver section with controlling done by micro controller. When user who is controlling system waves hands his movements are detected by IR sensor and transmitted form IR sensor. IR receiver will receive signal and send data to micro controller. Controller will check status to switch on or off based on received information and gives commands to triac based driver which is connected to loads. For information purpose details are displayed on LCD screen.


This application is useful for physically challenged persons to handle AC loads from remote location with shock proof security and minimum manual work.