Main objective of RFID based bank locker system is to provide a effective method of handling bank lockers and provide security using Electronic cards. 


Purpose of this project is to improve security for users in handling there bank lockers with new type of locking technology using RFID.



RFID Based Bank Locker System

RFID Based Bank Locker System


In present scenario security is the most important in every aspect of life. As the new technology is helping to improve security in different areas here in this project we are going to introduce RFID based security system.

When user’s registers with bank for locker normally bank will provide security details of locker number and locker key which is old method. In order to provide better election way of security. When new locker is provided for user a RFID tag is given to locker owner which can be used for accessing locker. Locke will have RFID reader whenever user operates locker he need to show RFID tag and Reader will verify and then locker will open. Processing of data is handled by microcontroller. After RFID tag is verified user need to enter password using keypad then locker will open. If RFID tag is not matching then message will be displayed on LCD screen along with that buzzer is used to inform successful attempt for opening locker.


1)      Microcontroller (AT89S52)

2)      LCD display (16*2 lines)

3)      Keypad

4)      Driver circuit

5)      Bank locker system

6)      Buzzer

7)      RFID reader

8)      Power Supply

9)      MAX 232


1)      Kiel U vision

2)      Express PCB

3)      ISP 


Using this application security method used in banks will improve and this process is entire automated.