Aim:  RFID based examination room finding system project aim is to help students to easily search for rooms at examination centres using RFID technology.

Existing System:

In existing system examination centres used to update information of each student with his details on notice board and students should search from that list and know room details. In this system there are many issues like time, accuracy. 

Proposed system:

In proposed system we are using automated system which works on RFID technology. In this system user can just place RFID card on card reader and know information of room and number in short time.


At present for every examination centers are working of jumbling system where students need to visit other colleges to write examination. As users are not keen about where seats are allocated and at that movement it is hard to search from the list and find seat. In order to solve this problem new method is introduced which will use  RFID where each user will have unique rfid card with card number which is used for finding rooms and seats in short time. User can shows card to RFID reader and show hall number and seat number. This method can save time and help students.

For this project we are using Flash version of AT89S52 and embedded c coding .  

SOFTWARE             : Embedded ‘C’

TOOLS                      : RIDE/KEIL to write code, ISP to burn the chip.

TARGET DEVICE : At89s52 based our own developed board.

ADVANTAGES      : Low cost, automated operation, Low Power consumption.



1. The 8051 micro controller and embedded systems by  Mazidi.




5. Embedded systems with 8051 by kenith j ayala

RFID Based Examination Room Finding System

RFID Based Examination Room Finding System