This project RFID based RC booking and driving license verification system is embedded based hardware application which uses tags to verify information of vehicle and display on screen.


Main purpose of this system is to develop a prototype to provide solution for detecting vehicles license and verification on go.  This system uses RFID and microcontroller technology.



RFID based RC booking and Driving License Verification System

RFID based RC booking and Driving License Verification System



This application is designed based on RFID technology where RFID are installed at all signals and each vehicle number is having RFID tag. When vehicle passes through signal rfid will read vehicle number and send data to microcontroller and verification process id completed. After checking RC then Vehicle license is verified if details are not correct then it is considered as invalid vehicle and buzzer sound will ring. Based on this sound traffic police can take steps. 

Block Diagram Explanation:

In this application we are using microcontroller, power supply, buzzer, RFID Reader, LCD display and traffic signal. Power supply is given to microcontroller and all other devices . RFID is placed to vehicles can RFID is reader is used at traffic signal and connected to microcontroller. Microcontroller is connected to buzzer and lcd display. When rfid detects tag it will send signals to microcontroller and coding part in microcontroller is written to take action to display vehicle number if action is ok else  buzzer sound will work.


  1. Embedded C
  2. Keil µvision
  3. Flash magic or ISP
  4. Express PCB


  1. Microcontroller
  2. Power supply
  3. RFID reader
  4. RFID tags
  5. Motors
  6. Lcd (16*2)


Using this system we can provide secured way of traffic management by detecting vehicles on move.