Main objective of secure remote operated vehicle using RFID is to operate vehicle using remote and provide secure authentication system using RFID tag to know person give option to access.


The purpose of this application is to develop a remote controlled vehicle used in defense systems to save human lives to dispose bombs or find any other objects. This application is also a similar type but with secured access to person based on RFID technology.


Secure Remote Operated Vehicle Using RFID

Secure Remote Operated Vehicle Using RFID



This embedded application is divided in to two sections sender and receiver. Based on communication between sender and receiver vehicle is communicated from remote location. Remote section will have keypad with controls to move forward, backward and side directions. Person with specific permissions can only control remotely. Permission for user is provided based on RFID tag verification. User will provide ignition key to start vehicle. Each person who need to access vehicle will have RFID tag they need to show tag if tag matches with database then permissions are provided . Vehicle will have RFID reader.  When RFID is read data is transferred to microcontroller and controller will check authorization and then send conformation message which will display on LCD screen. If Authorization is success user can’t access vehicle. When user performs any operation like moving forward, backward, sideward..etc. signals are transmitted through remote section and received by receiver and send signals to controller and perform operations. H-brider is connected to microcontroller which will transmit to motor. Based on these signals vehicle direction will change.                     


  1. Keil IDE
  2. Express PCB


  1. Micro Controller
  2. RFID tag
  3. RFID Reader
  4. MAX 232
  5. RF transmitter
  6. RF receiver
  7. Keypad
  8. LCD display
  9. Power Supply
  10. Ignition key
  11. H- Bridge motor


This hardware application is useful for providing security for vehicles .