Aim of smart card based anti-rigging voting system is to develop a secured way of voting for users without any intermediate modifications and provide a safe way of voting during elections.


Main purpose of this application is to use smart card based technology in voting machines and provide secured way of voting without any rigging options at time of elections.


Smart Card Based Anti-Rigging Voting System

Smart Card Based Anti-Rigging Voting System


This embedded based system is developed to provide a anti rigging voting system which is designed using smart card technology. Compare with existing system where we use voter card for authentication here we will use smart card as voter id card for authentication.

In this application microcontroller is used as central processing unit for taking decisions based on input given from smart card reader. Each user in the country is provided with smart card tag which are used at the time of voting. At time of voting user will provide a smart card reader where he can put smart card , after authentication is successful then he can use voting machine which will have keypad with list of participants. User can click on button on respective participant and results will be displayed on LCD screen. In this process if the authentication is failed then user can participate in voting. Input of smart carder is given to microcontroller which will take decision and display action on lcd screen. Election commission can count total number of votes in a single click which are displayed on screen. Buzzer is also provided to know successful registration and successful voting.


1)      Micro controller (AT89S52)

2)      Smart Card Reader

3)      MAX 232

4)      LCD Display

5)      Keypad

6)      Power supply

7)      EEPROM

8)      Buzzer 


1)      Kiel U vision

2)      Express PCB

3)      ISP 


Using this method we can implement new way of voting system with high level of security.