Aim of this Smart card based home appliances control system project is to develop a embedded application using smart card technology to control any type of home appliances like fan, ac ..etc.


Purpose of this project is to provide a new method of controlling home appliances like fan, ac, washing machine..etc using a smart card technology with effective authentication techniques.



Smart Card based Home Appliances Control System

Smart Card based Home Appliances Control System



In this embedded application we are using smart card reader for reading smart card which is a electronic device. Card reader wills supply signals based on electricity.

In this project we are going to provide a smart card reader and smart card for accurate authentication which is done using a embedded micro controller. Micro controller will act as a medium for hardware and software applications and perform operations. Smart card is placed before reader and verify data if it is matching commands are transferred to micro controller. Microcontroller will send signals to LCD display , relay and driver circuit. These units will communicate with hardware home appliances if smart card data is authenticated successfully appliances will work based on command we can on or off any appliance. If authentication fails msg will be displayed on LCD screen.


1)     Micro controller (AT89S52)

2)     Smartcard Reader

3)     MAX 232

4)     LCD Display

5)     Relay

6)     Appliances(BULB,LED,FAN)

7)     Power supply 



1)     Kiel U vision

2)     Express PCB

3)     ISP


1)     Home Applications

2)     Industrial Applications



            Hence, the project is helpful to authenticate and access smart cards to control the home appliances.